Dark colorscheme at day and light colorscheme on night

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redbrain17 redbrain17

8 years ago

Snippet call a dark colorscheme between 8h and 17h Snippet call a light colorscheme between in any other timespan

"During the day, I want it dark. At night, I want the light version.
let hour = strftime("%H")
if 8 <= hour && hour <= 17
  colorscheme molokai
  set background=dark
  colorscheme summerfruit256
  set background=light

Florian Beer

Florian Beer 8 years ago

This is very similar to Snippet #45

Mattia Tezzele

Mattia Tezzele 8 years ago

Wouldn't make more sense to keep the light theme during the day and the dark one at night? Just saying.