Let Vim fix your fat-fingerings

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Kazark Kazark

9 years ago

Sometimes I can be a sloppy typer. For some of my slopping typing, there's just no help for it. Other times, it happens in predictable ways. I create a micro-plugin to address this (https://github.com/Kazark/vim-FatFingerFixes), but here's all the significant code from it.

" I sometimes flail for the <Enter> key and hit <'> as well
cnoremap w'<CR> w<CR>
cnoremap wq'<CR> wq<CR>
" I often hold down <Shift> too long when typing :noh
cnoremap Noh noh
" On some keyboards, it's easy to hit \ when you meant ]
nnoremap \s ]s


Kazark 9 years ago

BTW the Noh when I meant noh has become a non-issue for me since I did map ; :. And as of today I did nnoremap Q :nohlsearch<CR>, so that should be entirely a non-issue now.