Toggle between single and double quotes

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Jakub Miziołek Jakub Miziołek

9 years ago

Sometimes you have by mistake used wrong type of quotes. With this mapping you can use ' to change between single and double quotes.

nnoremap <leader>' ""yls<c-r>={'"': "'", "'": '"'}[@"]<cr><esc>


uksza 9 years ago

Of course there is a plugin for that: Surround.vim

Jakub Miziołek

Jakub Miziołek 9 years ago

Yes, but with this line you don't have to think from which quotes to which quotes. And double quotes require pressing Shift to insert :D

Florian Beer

Florian Beer 9 years ago

That's what Vim is about: Less thinking, less typing :)


yang-ling 9 years ago

This snippet is different from my expectation. I thought it will change the quotes surrounding the words, just like surround.vim, but it only changes the quote under the cursor, which is like r' or r"

It will be much better and helpful if you can improve it.

My expectation:

1 "hello <cursor>world"

2 type <leader>'

3 Become 'hello <cursor>world'

Rom Grk

Rom Grk 7 years ago

For the record, this is a little more than a snippet but it adds the possibility to exchange the surrounding simple/double quotes on cs''. Otherwise delegates to surround.vim.