Map :W to :w

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Florenz Heldermann Florenz Heldermann

9 years ago

Started using Vim the last 4 weeks. But one thing that really annoyed me was:

I always type :W instead of :w in vim. So this is my newest lifesaver.

:command W w
:command Q q
:command Bd bd
:command Wq wq

Jacky Alciné

Jacky Alciné 9 years ago

I wouldn't recommend this. One of the biggest thing about Vim is muscle memory. By doing this, you'd have a hard time using someone else's instance of Vim if you were pairing.

Good idea to start off with; but not for the long run.

Ian Macalinao

Ian Macalinao 9 years ago

@jalcine I personally type this all the time too, not because I don't know the actual command, but as a typo.

Weverton do Couto Timoteo

Weverton do Couto Timoteo 9 years ago

Hi @heroheman,

I think this is happening because to you need to type :, and to do this you use Shift + ;.

I think you can remove the need to use Shift and only type ; to enter in command mode.

To accomplish this you can use this snippet:

nmap ; :

Good luck!

Florenz Heldermann

Florenz Heldermann 9 years ago

Hi Weverton, thanks for the advice - but sadly I use an QWERTZ (european) keyboard. ; and : are both requiring the SHIFT key - and its too much in my muscle memory that I would change it :/