Transform last two characters into a digraph

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Andrew Radev Andrew Radev

9 years ago

Entering digraphs can be done in two different ways:

CTRL-K {char1} {char2} {char1} <BS> {char2}

I find both of these inconvenient. The first one expects you to intentionally start "digraph mode" and enter the two keys, the second one just feels weird. For me, the easiest way to enter a digraph is to first have both characters visible on the line, then hit a keybinding to transform them. This mapping achieves that:

Moto:<c-n>head Motörhead
inoremap <C-n> <esc>:call <SID>Digraph()<cr>a
function! s:Digraph()
  let col   = col('.')
  let chars = getline('.')[col - 2 : col - 1]

  exe "normal! s\<esc>s\<c-k>".chars


drasill 9 years ago

This is great, thank you.