toggle vertical color column at 80th character

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Janusz Kowalczyk Janusz Kowalczyk

9 years ago

Pressing assigned key will toggle the vertical column

" Press F6 to toggle color column
nnoremap <silent><F6> :call <SID>ToggleColorColumn()<cr>
set colorcolumn=80
set tw=79       " width of document (used by gd)
set nowrap      " don't automatically wrap on load
set fo-=t       " don't automatically wrap text when typing
let s:color_column_old = 0
function! s:ToggleColorColumn()
    if s:color_column_old == 0
        let s:color_column_old = &colorcolumn
        windo let &colorcolumn = 0
        windo let &colorcolumn=s:color_column_old
        let s:color_column_old = 0