Diff two registers

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Seth House Seth House

9 years ago

Open a diff of two registers in a new tabpage. Since this is so quick to invoke it is quite useful when comparing copy-pasta code or when playing spot-the-typo. Pull up the two versions as a real diff in seconds and just close the tabpage when you're finished. If no registers are specified it diffs the most recent yank with the most recent deletion.

" Usage:
"  :DiffRegs
"  :DiffRegs @z @x

function! DiffRegsFunc(...)
    let l:left = a:0 == 2 ? a:1 : "@0"
    let l:right = a:0 == 2 ? a:2 : "@1"

    exe 'put! ='. l:left
    exe 'put! ='. l:right

    windo setlocal buftype=nofile
    windo setlocal bufhidden=delete
    windo setlocal noswapfile
    windo diffthis
    winc t
com -nargs=* DiffRegs call DiffRegsFunc(<f-args>)