Run clojure test related to current file

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Daniel Leong Daniel Leong

9 years ago

Requires tpope's vim-fireplace.

The built-in cpr to run tests in the current file is awesome, but requires you to jump back to your test file to run them. cpt will now "do the right thing" based on namespace. For example, if you're in the core namespace and have your unit-tests in the core-test namespace, you can be in either core.clj or core_test.clj and type cpt to run the tests.

I keep this in my ftplugin/clojure.vim

function! RunBufferTests()
    let ns = fireplace#ns()
    if ns !~ '-test$'
        let ns = ns . "-test"
    silent :Require
    exe "RunTests " . ns

nnoremap <buffer> cpt :call RunBufferTests()<cr>