Easily move through the command line (bash-like shortcuts)

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Lucas Godoy Lucas Godoy

9 years ago

By default you need to use the arrow keys to edit something en the command line. :(

cnoremap <c-f> <right>
cnoremap <c-b> <left>
cnoremap <c-e> <end>
cnoremap <c-a> <home>
cnoremap <c-d> <del>

Ferran Pelayo Monfort

Ferran Pelayo Monfort 9 years ago

you can also press <C-f> while in the command line to edit with vim motions. (Or press q: while in normal mode).

Lucas Godoy

Lucas Godoy 9 years ago

Didn't know that. Great!


Johan BLEUZEN 9 years ago

Snippet remaps doesn't work for me, but but really what I was looking for... :/