Use semicolon instead of a colon

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Ruslan Osipov Ruslan Osipov

9 years ago

Using semicolon ";" instead of a colon ":" saves having to press "Shift" key many times throughout the editing process. Original semicolon mapping is to replicate last f or t command, so it's a trade off you must be willing to make.

nnoremap ; :


Kazark 9 years ago

Excellent! Yet another person doing this! I strongly believe in this.

Rom Grk

Rom Grk 8 years ago

This is my obsessive version: If the last key was an f/t movement, repeats it. If next key is w, does an immediate :write. Otherwise, replay the keys as if nothing had happened. (And display an ':' in the command-line to hide the lag.)

nmap <expr> ; CmdJump() let g:quickmap = { \ 'w': ":w\<CR>", ... \} function! CmdJump () if sneak#is_sneaking() return ":call sneak#rpt('', 0)\<CR>" end echo ':' let c = getchar() let c = (c =~ '^\d\+$') ? nr2char(c) : c return get(g:quickmap, char, ':' . char) endfu