View and paste from a register

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Ferran Pelayo Monfort Ferran Pelayo Monfort

9 years ago

Display the numbered registers, press a key and paste it to the buffer

function! Reg()
    echo "Register: "
    let char = nr2char(getchar())
    if char != "\<Esc>"
        execute "normal! \"".char."p"

command! -nargs=0 Reg call Reg()


yang-ling 9 years ago

Sorry but I don't know how to use this snippet.

What does this command! -nargs=0 Reg call Reg() | normal <cr> do?

I put the Reg() function to my vimrc and executed the last command, but nothing happened.

I directly executed :call Reg() and that worked.

Ferran Pelayo Monfort

Ferran Pelayo Monfort 8 years ago

That line makes the :Reg command available (as an alias for :call Reg()). The normal <cr> part was used to delete the trailing characters error message but now it's not a problem anymore.

I've updated the snippet a little bit so it solves those problems.


craigp 8 years ago

Nice one, better than using YankStack or something like that

Zach Queal

Zach Queal 4 years ago

Hey, this is really great! Thanks!