Repeat last :command

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KabbAmine KabbAmine

9 years ago

Map zz to repeat easily last command.

" Repeat last command.
    noremap zz :<Up><CR>


drasill 9 years ago

Hmm I use zz very often, I wouldn't overwrite this command :)

Jan Christoph Ebersbach

Jan Christoph Ebersbach 9 years ago

@@ does the same and is built-in.


KabbAmine 9 years ago

@drasill: I find it very convenient :D

@Jan Christoph Ebersbach: @@don't repeat my last command (Cmdline-mode). I use it to repeat the last macro (q).

Arne Ehrlich

Arne Ehrlich 9 years ago

@: is the builtin that does the same.

Martínez Ortiz Saúl Axel

Martínez Ortiz Saúl Axel 5 years ago

zz and z. does the same. Why not remap one of the two? (I find both easy to type)